Advantages & Opportunities Of Holding a Private Pilot License

Are you thinking about becoming a private pilot and wondering what you can do with your certification? There are many advantages and opportunities available to people who hold a private pilot license. Although you probably won’t be able to make a living as a private pilot, you’ll be able to enjoy a fun and unique hobby and even be able to help others. You can also use your private pilot license as a stepping stone toward a career or further training in aviation.

Private Pilot License

What is a Private Pilot License?

A private pilot license is a certification that enables an individual to operate a small aircraft for private or personal use. It’s a step beyond a sport or recreational pilot license because it enables you to fly at night and to land at controlled airports. Once you’ve gone through Arizona flight training and earned your private pilot license, you’ll have completed the necessary prerequisites to begin earning additional endorsements so you can fly different types of aircraft or work toward a career in aviation.

How Do I Get a Private Pilot License?

There are several steps to obtaining a private pilot license. You’ll need to meet some basic requirements, including being at least 17 years of age and a level of competency in reading, writing, and speaking English. Enroll in Arizona aviation school and complete the following steps:

  • Obtain a third class medical certificate to ensure that you meet the basic medical requirements to become a pilot.
  • Apply for an FAA student pilot certificate. In order to begin a private pilot licensure program, you must earn a student, sport, or recreational pilot certificate.
  • Enroll in Arizona ground school to get started with your aviation education.
  • Take flight lessons to get hands-on, supervised experience operating small aircraft.
  • Pass a private pilot knowledge test and obtain an endorsement from your flight instructor.
  • Pass the private pilot practical exam, which will include an oral exam, checkride, and flight to demonstrate your ability to perform basic maneuvers and operate the aircraft.

What Can I Do With a Private Pilot Certificate?

There are a lot of things that you can do with a private pilot license:

Take Passengers

Sharing your love of flying with friends and family by taking them flying is one of the best ways to use your private pilot license. As a private pilot, you can fly passengers as long as they are not paying you to do it. You are allowed to split the cost of the flight, as long as you pay your share. This means if you take one passenger, you must pay at least 50% of the cost of the flight. How many passengers you’re allowed to bring and which planes you can fly will depend on the ratings or endorsements you’ve earned.

Become a Flight Instructor

Many private pilots become flight instructors and share their love of flying through Arizona flight training for new pilots. Once you’ve passed some written tests and applied to the FAA, you can acquire a ground instructor certificate so that you can teach ground school classes. This is a great way for private pilots to expand and reinforce their knowledge, gain hours toward a commercial pilot certificate, or earn income doing what they love.


Private pilots cannot be paid for their services, but you can volunteer for disaster relief, supply delivery, search and rescue operations, charity events, disaster observation, fire spotting, and more. This can be done through the Civil Air Patrol or on your own. Often, the organization you work for will cover your fuel and operating expenses, while you gain the benefit of using your skills to help others.

Visit Other Countries

With a private pilot license, you can fly to other countries provided you follow the rules and regulations of your intended destination. Although some areas will require you to fly with an instructor, many others will enable you to rent a plane and fly alone or with passengers.

Fly Yourself on a Business Trip

With a private pilot license, you can travel for work by flying yourself to your business destination. In many cases, the majority of your flying expenses can be deducted as business travel expenses, making it an affordable way to skip the lines at the airport and keep your flying skills current.


Once you’ve logged at least 100 hours in aircraft used for towing and completed flights with an instructor, you can obtain an endorsement for towing gliders. This is one of the few ways you can earn money as a private pilot.

Sell Aircraft

Once you’ve obtained a private pilot license through Arizona flight school, logged 200 flight hours, and obtained a high school diploma, you can become an aircraft salesperson, which can be an exciting career if you want to work in the aviation industry. You can even fly passengers to demonstrate how the plane works.

Aviation Events

As a private pilot, you can fly into aviation events. These provide a fun opportunity to network, share stories with other pilots, learn more about flying, and see new gadgets.

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