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Why Classic Air?




Why Classic Air?

Affordable pilots license


CAA has a fully staffed, in-house maintenance department that handles all the tasks required to keep our fleet in the air. We have our own fueling facility and trucks to provide our customers with lower-cost aircraft rental options. With our proven training method and syllabus, we keep our students close to the FAA minimum required hours while training in one of the busiest airspaces in the U.S. We offer block-rate discounts to students who fly regularly and open a flight account, as well as discounts to active and retired military members. We give our customers flexible payment options, and we can assist them in signing up for financing. Best of all, we don’t require our students to pay for programs up front; they can pay for their individual lessons as they go.

Comprehensive flight training programs


Classic Air offers self-paced and fast-track programs for private pilot, instrument, commercial pilot, and certified flight instructor (CFI) ratings. Unlike most schools, we also offer add-ons such as tailwheel, high-performance, and complex aircraft endorsements. We take pride in training our students the traditional “old school” way, teaching skills such as navigation utilizing charts and maps, keeping navigation logs, E6B, and plotter alongside new technology like GPS, moving maps, and glass-cockpit transition. We provide military aviation prep courses for those interested in joining the armed forces as a pilot, courses for family members, solo courses, ground-school classes, and simulator training. Our FBO and maintenance services are equally comprehensive.

FAA Visa Approved Flight School

FAA, F-1 & M-1 VISA Approved

We are an FAA-approved part 141 private pilot school and are releasing instrument and commercial programs this year. FAA approval helps students gain eligibility for financial aid and other resources. For ex-military students, this can include the GI Bill. Moreover, an FAA-approved curriculum enables students to take their check rides and achieve ratings and licenses in an organized, syllabus-based way. For this reason, the FAA requires fewer flying hours of part 141 students. For students who enroll in our 61 program, the same FAA-approved syllabus is used to ensure that all students have the same high level of training, but the part 61 regulations allow instructors more flexibility in applying the syllabus, especially in the types of aircraft that can be used.

Optimum sized flight school


Classic Air Aviation is a “mid-sized” flight school and fixed base operator (FBO) in Mesa, Arizona. We are small enough to know all our students and customers by their first names, which enables us to provide a friendly, personal experience to each of them. Unlike some of the large flight schools, we treat each student as an individual and tailor their training to meet their specific needs and goals. On the other hand, Classic Air Aviation is big enough to offer a full range of certification and rating courses. We have spacious, professional-grade training and maintenance facilities, with a fleet of aircraft to keep our students moving through their programs, as well as a comprehensive range of small-aircraft ground services.

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