Aircraft Management FAQs

These questions will help you understand some of the services offered within Classic Air Aviation’s aircraft management packages.

Our online ordering system allows the aircraft owner to request items to be ready before departure. For example you could order your favorite soda or a sectional/terminal chart of the destination airport and we will have it waiting for you.
Our status checks will consist of a walk around of your plane looking for any obvious or recent changes to the plane including fluid leaks, and low tires. We will also check whether the condition of the aircraft requires cleaning and detailing. We also go through the logs to make sure any inspections are not coming due.
The online scheduling system will be hosted by schedule pointe® and allow the aircraft owner to schedule anything from an aircraft departure/arrival, wash, maintenance flight, aircraft staging, or anything else that the owner feels necessary.
The storm wash will be completed after any heavy rain or severe weather rolls in and causes your ramp appearance to become jeopardized.
Don’t you hate it when you take your airplane to a repair station and they wont answer any of your questions until you start spending money?! Classic Air will have a A&P mechanic on hand to answer any questions that you might have about Arizona aircraft maintenance. Professional A&P consulting can definitely be your biggest asset!
Not going to be flying for a while? Classic Air A&P staff will go out to your airplane, start it up, and do an operational check of the plane while you are away. Or any other time you request an engine run!
Going on a cross country or just need a lift to the airport? Classic Air will pick you up at home and take you to the airport. We can’t guarantee a limo, but we’ll get you there on time!
Pack your bags and leave the rest to us! We will have the airplane ready to go before you depart on your local flight or cross country.That’s right, pull up pre flight the plane and you’re off!
We will put your aircraft maintenance forms into an electronic form to notify us of upcoming and current maintenance events. We will then work with you to schedule your plane into an aircraft repair facility of your choice.
Staff members will be on hand after staging your aircraft and greeting you for your flight. We will help to accelerate getting you up in the air to enjoy what the plane was made for.
For all those lucky pilots who choose the captains package, give Classic Air Aviation a call. If you have a special request we will do our very best to honor it! Now that’s what you call high class aviation!
All packages are on a contractual basis. If you deem your package as excessive you may alter your package come renewal time. Our sales team will help you choose the right package based upon your needs and interests the first time around.

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