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Single & Multi-engine Reciprocating Aircraft

Classic Air Aviation offers a range of professional aircraft maintenance services to help you address repairs and keep your aircraft performing at its best. Whether you need comprehensive engine repair, engine modification or overhaul, airframe or sheet-metal repair, we take care of it. Plus–we feel that when you get your aircraft back, it should look better than when you dropped it off, so we detail every aircraft after any maintenance.

Piston Aircraft Repair

Our licensed technicians can perform a wide range of major and minor repairs to single and multi-engine piston aircrafts, including Cessna and Piper. From minor repairs or inspections to major modifications—we offer thorough workmanship at an unbeatable price. We also specialize in STC modifications, as they are a great way to add value and performance to your aircraft. Our team can help you find the right solution for your aircraft.

Pre-Buy Inspections

Thinking of buying a used aircraft? We’ll check it over thoroughly for harder-to-spot damage and wear and let you know of maintenance issues that may come up later. You’ll want to subtract the cost of any needed repairs from the price. Once you’ve taken possession, it’s hard to make the previous owner pay for work that should have been done before the sale. We ensure that your choice is between a fair deal or no deal.

Annual Inspections

The FAA requires that every aircraft be thoroughly inspected for airworthiness every 12 months. Our technicians hold FAA Inspection Authorizations (IAs) and will ensure that all Federal Aviation Regulations are addressed. When we inform you of maintenance issues that need to be addressed before your aircraft can pass inspection, you can decide whether to let us take care of them on the spot. You can rest assured that we’ll be as thorough in fixing them as we were in finding them. Classic Air Aviation can perform everything from aircraft inspections to full aircraft maintenance. Contact us today.

At Classic Air Aviation, we stand out because we know that an aircraft is an investment in pleasure or in business. We believe that you are more than a work order, your an owner that is trusting us with your investment. We want to hear your stories, your problems and what makes you smile when you fly. Every aircraft has a story and we would love to hear yours. We are firm in that when you get your aircraft back, it should look better than when you dropped it off so we detail every aircraft after any maintenance. All squawks that you reported are fixed, and fixed right. We don’t chase hours at Classic, we chase satisfaction in knowing that your aircraft is made right by you. If its a simple STC install or complex accident repairs, we have you covered with what works for you. If that involves all night so you can make your schedule, then that is what it takes to ensure that we deliver on your time, not ours. With over 12,000 sq ft of hanger space, your aircraft will not be serviced outside the doors or in a T-shade, it will be in OUR hanger and secure at all times. Our quality is the best in the business. We have all seen it done wrong too many times and we aim to correct that. Everyone of our techs takes extreme pride in knowing that every job is done 100% correct and not settle for “it will fly” mentality that is the plaguing aircraft maintenance these days. If you are not satisfied, bring the aircraft back and we will ensure you are when you leave. No questions asked.

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  • Structural Repairs
  • Annual & Pre-Buy Inspections


Aircraft Maintenance & Inspections

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