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Top-Rated Arizona Pilot Training Courses

Classic Air Aviation is home to top-rated Arizona pilot training courses from qualified, trained, and trusted flight instructors. As a number one rated flight school in Arizona, we have five star reviews on Google and Yelp, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Some of our flight training programs include ground school, private pilot flight training, military flight training, fast track flight school, airline pilot career programs, international pilot training, and much more. Consult with us today to find out more about Arizona flight school.

Arizona ground school flight training

Ground School in Arizona

One of the first steps to obtaining your pilot’s license is Mesa ground school. Subject matter includes the basics of aircraft functioning, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, FAA regulations, flight instruments, aircraft performance, weather theory and forecasts, charts and navigation, and more. Ground school prepares you to take the FAA Private Pilot written exam.

Arizona private pilot training program

Arizona Private Pilot Flight Training

Classic Air’s FAA certified private AZ pilot training is comprehensive and lays the groundwork for advancement to multi-engine flying, commercial piloting, and more. This certification will enable you the freedom to travel the country for your personal or personal business needs. This is also the first step in making aviation your new career.

Arizona pilot rating aviation school

Arizona Flight Instrument Ratings

CAA offers certification and rating programs to further your pilot resume including commercial certification, instrument and multi-engine ratings. Once you have obtained a Commercial Pilot license, you have a wide range of career options and paths. An instrument rating is crucial if you want to be able to fly in adverse weather conditions and is also a popular requirement of commercial carriers.

Arizona private pilot training program

Certified Flight Instructors (CFI & CFII)

Whether you are a seasoned pilot looking to share your flying wisdom or a pilot who would like to gain more hours and experience teaching others, Classic Air Aviation can prepare you to earn your Flight Instructor certifications. As a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), you not only benefit yourself and the individual students you teach—you also contribute to making the skies safer for everyone.

Arizona flight endorsements pilot school

Arizona Flight Endorsements

Endorsements aid pilots in maintaining and developing their flying skills by expanding their experience level. Many pilots choose to broaden their pilot resume by earning endorsements in complex aircraft and tailwheel aircraft. Proficiency, vast experience and versatility are keys to advancement in the aviation industry.

Fast track AZ accelerated flight training programs

Fast Track Flight Training in Arizona

On a tight schedule or traveling from out of state? We feature accelerated training programs to fit your schedule and completion goals. In fact, you can build your own schedule, flying as much as 6-7 days a week. Your training will be just as thorough with courses including Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFII, MEI and Tailwheel.

Military flight training school in Arizona

Military Flight Training in Arizona

Are you looking to join the United States Armed Forces as a pilot? The experienced military pilot flight instructors at Classic Air Aviation can prepare you for your military Initial Flight Screening and Undergraduate Pilot Training. We strongly recommend that you earn your Private Pilot license first. Some units make it a prerequisite, but regardless having your license increases your chances of acceptance alongside other less experienced applicants.

International flight training school in Arizona

International Pilot Training in Arizona

We welcome and can accommodate international students with an appropriate visa. We will consult you though the Transportation Security Administration’s Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) application and will provide assistance in getting you through the process as quickly as possible. As soon as we receive the authorization, you can start your AZ flight training. We are also actively working toward becoming a partner to issue I-20 visas for student applicants in order to assist more pilots.

Airline pilot career program in Arizona

Arizona Airline Pilot Career Program

If you are looking for more than a private pilots license, this program will take you from zero time to certified flight instructor. After graduating the program you will be required to build flight time to achieve 1500 total hours to apply to a regional airline carrier. Graduates will have the opportunity to interview for open instructor positions. There are many options from cargo, corporate, or airline career jobs after acquiring the required flight time, ratings, and certifications, and Classic Air Aviation is here to help.

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