Instrument Rating Training Programs Pricing

Aircraft: Cessna 172M $160 / hour 25 Hours $4,000
Flight Simulator $65 / hour 20 Hours $1,300
Instructor $75 / hour 45 Hours $3,375
Ground Instruction $75 / hour 20 Hours $1,500
Total $10,175
Time Building $150 / hour 30 Hours $4,800
Total $14,975

Written Test $150.00 and Examiner Fee $700.00 paid directly to testing facility and DPE

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As a pilot, the mastery of aircraft instruments is crucial to navigating in adverse conditions. An instrument rating will represent your professional ability to function and control an air vessel, even in the circumstance of limited to zero visibility. This training will develop your aptitude to operate an aircraft utilizing only the instrumentation of the aircraft. The obvious benefits of such a rating include professional repute, and will also testify to your faculty, safety and aptitude as a pilot. Some state that this rating will qualify you for greater career opportunities, reduced insurance rates, and unrestricted commercial certification. This type of rating is almost critical to aviators who intend to operate in coastal areas, and under conditions of severe climes and climates. Get started with Classic Air Aviation today.

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Earn Flight Hours With Our Arizona IR Training Programs

Build Your Flight Time & Get Instrument Rating Certification

Pilots typically need to build approximately 120 hours of flight time to be eligible for the commercial license after completing the private pilot license and instrument rating. Depending upon which aircraft is used for time building and how many hours a pilot needs for a total of 250 hours.

There are some requirements you must possess in accordance with 14 CFR 61.65. The requirements are as follow:

  • Hold at least a private pilot certificate
  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language
  • Pass the required knowledge test in the areas listed in 61.65(b)
  • Receive training and a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor
  • Meet the aeronautical experience requirements of 61.65(d)
  • Pass the practical test on the areas of operation listed in 61.65(c)

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Instrument Rating FAQs

These are a series of regulations that allow a pilot to use the instruments on the plane to fly in bad weather or in clouds and not have to rely on visual cues. This also includes landing in foggy weather. If you want to fly in coastal areas, you definitely will need this.
You do need a Private Pilot certificate to learn Instrument Flying. You also need to be endorsed by an instructor while also taking and passing a knowledge test. In terms of flight time, you need 50 hours of cross country flight and 40 hours of simulated flight time.
This is an extremely important step to add to your expertise if you want to advance into paid piloting, also known as commercial flight. It also makes you a much more well-rounded pilot.
No, it is not an actual requirement, but it is highly recommended that you get one since it will make many aspects of commercial flight much easier.
This is a test of your knowledge and understanding of how to fly using instruments in bad weather and other extreme conditions.

Train With A Redbird Flight Simulator
& Dozens Of Airplanes

FAA-Approved Flight Simulator Near You

Train With A Redbird Flight Simulator & Dozens Of Airplanes
Fly In IMC And Operate An Aircraft Using Only Its IFR

Fly In IMC & Operate An Aircraft
Using Only Its IFR

Instrument Rating Allows You To Fly In The Clouds Or Bad Weather

By learning how to fly with instruments, you will show that you can pilot a plane through adverse weather without any issue. It means that you will rely on the instruments of the plane and not by sight. It is an important skill for pilots to learn.

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