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Classic Air Aviation specializes in getting your aircraft from any location to the airport of your choice.  Utilizing our service ensures that your aircraft will get to the location of your choice safely, without damage, and on time. Classic Air Aviation is the choice of owners that only want the best for their aircraft.

Like yourself, Classic Air Aviation shares your same dedication and passion for aviation.

This dedication will be evident the first time you correspond with our friendly and highly qualified staff. As the client relationship grows, prepare to be amazed by the detailed and safe handling of your aircraft as if it were our own.

Our professional ferry and contract pilots have logged thousands of hours in nearly every make/model aircraft ranging from Cessna 150 to Citation, Beechcraft, Gulfstreams. Whatever the flight, we have the ferry pilot for the job.

Not your typical “Ferry NO-Service”

In other words, other services may employ inexperienced pilots that have the mindset of: Get the money, take the plane, and you’ll hear from us when we get there.

That is NOT how Classic Air Aviation operates. Customer Service is our utmost priority and begins with your first correspondence, continues throughout the detailed flight preparation, carries on throughout each leg of the ferry flight with our new GPS tracking data which keeps you up-to-date with your aircraft’s current position anywhere in the world within 50 feet.

You can track our movement at any time and will also be provided a detailed update throughout each leg of the trip. We provide a full care package with every delivery.

Upon delivery, our pilots will hand you a full performance evaluation, a detailed walk-through of your newly delivered aircraft and explain, thoroughly, aircraft systems, an orientation flight, if desired, and later provide you with photos and videos of the ferry.

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