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For holders of pilot certificates issued by the United States Federal Aviation Administration a flight review is a review required of every active holder of a U.S. pilot certificate at least every 24 calendar months. The flight review consists of at least 1 hour of ground instruction and 1 hour in flight with a qualified flight instructor from Classic Air Aviation. The FAA requires a minimum of 1 hour of flight and 1 hour of ground instruction. However, this is not guaranteed if the pilot has not flown in some time and the flight instructor requires the pilot to receive additional instruction before providing the endorsement or signing off on the flight review.

Classic Air Aviation is your location to complete your flight check in Arizona. Utilizing our aircraft, or flying in your personal aircraft, our flight instructors will ensure you are in compliance with the FAR’s as well as help you make sure that you are as safe of a pilot as you can be.

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  • $145 / hour
  • 1 Hour


  • $75 / hour
  • 1 Hour

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  • $73 / hour
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Our flight school in Arizona is a first-class, clean facility offering a wide variety of flight licensing classes and flight reviews with professional instructors. With state of the art equipment and a variety of resources, Classic Air Aviation is the top choice in the state for anyone interested in flight school.

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First-Class FAA Flight Reviews Near You

Professional Flight Reviews For Commercial Pilots

Classic Air Aviation offers flight reviews for any pilot in training who needs to complete a flight review to finish a class. If you are a pilot in command with your commercial license already, you are required to complete a flight review every 24 months to continue exercising your flight privileges. Call Classic Air Aviation to schedule your review today!

First Class FAA Flight Reviews Near You In Arizona
Highly Experienced Professionals For Bi-Annual Flight Reviews In Arizona

Arizona Biennial Flight Review Experts

Highly Experienced Flight Review Professionals

Each of our flight review instructors in Arizona are retired pilots themselves, with the expertise and knowledge necessary to instruct you in your flight hours. We ensure you are fully compliant with FAA and FAR standards so that you can continue being the best pilot you can be. Book your flight review today with our friendly, capable flight review professionals.

Over 15 Years Of Experience In Biennial Flight Reviews

Earn Your Flight Review In The Finest Aircraft

At Classic Air Aviation, we understand that the key to being a great pilot is experience. That’s why we offer our flight reviews in some of the finest, well-maintained aircraft available. With us, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the best possible instruction and flight review possible.

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