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Our certified flight instructors offer a wide variety of programs to current and prospective pilots around the globe, both private and commercial. CAA also provides a full range of aviation services to aircraft owners, such as aircraft management, maintenance, and FBO services. Scroll down to learn more about Classic Air Aviation, the flight training programs and services we offer.

Common Questions

Classic Air Aviation is located at the historic Falcon Field Airport located in Mesa, Arizona. Our physical address is:

4805 E Falcon Drive
Mesa, AZ 85215

Along with several avenues of professional flight training, and aircraft rental we offer a variety of other services to appeal to our growing audience including aircraft management, aircraft maintenance, detailing services, ground school classes, and a pilot shop. Classic Air Aviation is also proud to offer an FAA approved, state-of-the-art Red Bird flight simulation device for industry standard training for all students.

We aim to please our clients in any way possible. If you have any questions or inquiries about our Arizona aviation school, even if they are not listed on our site, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Classic Air Aviation has been offering professional aviation services since 2005.

Our aircraft management program is designed with you, the client, in mind. For those who own their own aircraft, and want professional care for it while you are away, we can take care of that. Aircraft management can cover almost anything you need including maintenance packages, routine oil changes, pre-flight preparation, discounted parts, exterior and interior detailing, ramp space, hangar storage, and even ferry services.

Our Mesa flight training program covers a complete system of solutions to get you from Private to professional and everything in-between. Along with the standard ratings needed to get into a career of aviation, we also offer certifications for tailwheel aircraft, glass cockpit transition courses, biennial flight reviews, Military style prep courses, and an elite Cirrus transition course if you are ready to take the next step.

Student Pilots

Our industry partners Pilot Finance INC and AOPA Flex Financing are two great avenues for students looking to start their career in aviation. Please call us at (602) 574-5376 or go to this link to get more information.

Here at Classic Air Aviation, we have worked hard to assemble a complete Arizona ground school package for students to make the transition as easy as it can be, from no matter where they are coming from. We don’t want you to waste a moment of your time on details. We’ve taken care of hotels, scheduling, student visas, financial aid, and more. Whether you are coming from out of state, or from a foreign country, we are ready to help you get your flight training done quickly, safely, and thoroughly.

Owned and operated by veterans and career airline pilots, Classic Air Aviation is happy to cater to pilots looking to prepare for the military flight training weather you have already been selected or just starting the long road to your interview board! The infamous two-year program called UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training) that the United States military puts pilots through for initial certification is the toughest in the world. light instructors making it through the program have often said it’s the toughest thing they have ever done in life.

Why start your 2-year journey attending Undergraduate Pilot Training with no flight time, insufficient flight time, or lack of preparation? Call us today and let Classic Air Aviation prep you for military flight training while completing your private pilots license or coming in to get 10-20 hours of flight time before those orders are cut! A life as a military pilot is a great adventure and a once in a life time opportunity, do all you can to set yourself ahead of your class mates. Please visit our Military Flight Training page, or get in contact with us, to find out more.

While flying can be one of life’s most thrilling and rewarding experiences, the complex world of aviation is constantly growing and is centered around a detailed system of communication, navigation, and instrumentation. In order to be a professional pilot, one must master all of the skills needed to fly safely, and efficiently. The first step is to get your Private Pilots License. After that, it is critical a pilot must obtain his Instrument Rating before going on to get a Commercial License. Your training often starts with how you want to proceed either Part 61, or Part 141. Contact Classic Air Aviation for more information about our Arizona pilot school.

Both sets of regulations define minimum requirements for pilot training and certification. In short, FAR part 61 certification is the traditional way of self paced training. FAR Part 141 certification is completed through a curriculum designed for accelerated Arizona pilot training.

Please visit our Financing page for more information as to pricing and options you are interested in.

A private pilot license allows for VFR flights, with or without passengers, of a single engine land aircraft. A private Pilot cannot fly for hire.

An instrument rating allows the pilot to fly IFR. Flying IFR allows for flight in less than adequate weather requiring the pilot to navigate by instruments alone.

Before you are qualified to take your checkride, you will be required to pass an FAA Private Pilot written test. Studying this material will take some time so it’s best to get started early. Sportys and King Schools are some of the many home video training options available online.

Fast Track Programs

Both methods of flight training require the student to meet the same standard of performance in order to obtain a pilot certificate. Where the methods differ is in rigidity and in some minimum requirements. Self paced training is usually better for part time students or those with a less regular schedule, however this can often lead to more flight training hours. Self paced training allows the instructor to revise the schedule as needed, as accelerated training might be too fast paced for some students.

Classic Air Aviation offers a complete package to get you started on the path to your new career. From Private Pilot to Commercial and everything between, Classic has the solution to meet your every need. Contact us today for more info.

Our fast track courses require the student to train every workday from 8am-5pm. On occasion, the student will need to prepare for any additional flights needed on a weekend.

Not counting time for unpredicted weather or technical delays, our fast track program is designed to take you from zero time to checkride ready in 30 days.

The instrument portion of our program is designed to get you through the process in less than 2 weeks.

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