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Plane & Aircraft Rentals in Arizona

One word comes up often when customers talk about Classic Air’s fleet–unique. Our aircraft range from a classic Cessna 120 tail- dragger to an advanced Cirrus SR-22, and they’re all available for both training and rental. Whether you you are a student or just want to stop in and fly, all pilots are welcome!

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Aircraft Detailing Services in Arizona

We know as an aircraft owner how important your aircraft is to you. Your plane is your pride and joy. Our detailing team will keep it looking its best by washing, waxing, and cleaning every inch, inside and out. Our mobile wash teams can be dispatched to detail your aircraft anywhere in the valley.

Fixed Base Operator in Arizona

We’re a fixed-base operator on-site at Falcon Field, with a 12,000 sq-ft hangar, available tie-down spaces, wifi, briefing rooms, pilot shop, catering, rental cars and on-site courtesy cars. Whether you’re a visitor to Falcon Field or a tenant here, let Classic Air take care of everything during your visit.

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Aircraft & Plane Sales in Arizona

Whether you are looking to purchase an aircraft or sell your own, leave it to Classic Air. Selling an aircraft can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Along with listing your plane, we will take all the prospective buyer calls, draft the contract, receive payment, and fill out and submit all FAA documents so you can sit back and relax.

Aircraft Ferry Company in Arizona

Classic Air’s pilots will get your aircraft from any location to the airport of your choice, safely and on time. Whatever the flight, we have the ferry pilot for the job. A full route will be mapped out prior to the flight, daily updates will be provided throughout the trip, and our pilot will give you a full evaluation of your aircraft’s performance upon delivery.

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Arizona Aircraft Maintenance Company

We offer comprehensive maintenance services both on- and off-site. To ensure we are here to help whenever and wherever you need us, our maintenance staff will travel to any airport in Arizona. We offer general maintenance, annual and pre-buy inspections, parts distribution, sheet-metal repair, engine modifications, and STC modifications.

Aircraft Management Company in Arizona

Let us take care of all of your aviation needs so you can relax and enjoy flying. We can help you find the perfect aircraft, assist in getting you set up with the right insurance policy, maintain your plane, and ensure it’s ready to fly whenever you are! From pre-flighting to maintenance, Classic Air will manage every aspect of keeping your aircraft in top condition, including parking and hangar space if needed.

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