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Cessna 172

First delivered by Cessna in 1955 and still produced, this single-engine, four-seat, high-wing aircraft is one of the world’s most popular training platforms.

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Piper Cherokee

The Piper Cherokee is a very popular option for flight training that was type-certificated in the 60s by the FAA and remains in production to this day.

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Piper Arrow

This extremely popular single-engine complex trainer has been in use for years. A typically easy transition from other Piper aircraft for training and rental.

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The American Champion single-engine, two-seat, conventional-gear aircraft is a wonderful tailwheel trainer. It is capable of accelerations of +5g to -2g.

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Cirrus SR22

Some call the Cirrus SR22 iconic! This four-seat, high-performance aircraft is a favorite among general aviation pilots, with a cruise speed of 183 KTAS.

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Cessna 310

This six-seat multi-engine aircraft is a perfect transition from the single-engine Cessna, provides great ramp appearance and cruise speeds of 180 KTAS.

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Piper Seneca

Perfect for personal, business, or flight training this cross country machine comes equipped with six seats, de-ice boots, and turbo charged Continental TSIO-360 engines.

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Red Bird SD

FAA Approved AATD. Fully enclosed interchangeable aircraft configurations with wraparound visuals make this simulator groundbreaking for the GA community.

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