Maximum Range

640 nm

Max Cruise

124 ktas


4 Person

Useful Load

888 lb

Takeoff Roll

960 ft

Designed for Training

High wing design offers better visibility and stability as well as greater ground clearance, making it optimal for student pilots. Ideal for entry-level landings, the Skyhawk features a sturdy tricycle landing system and a resilient airframe.


The Cessna 172 is an ideal solution for flight students and instructors alike. The four-seat and three-seat training configuration are perfect for training flights.

Ease of Access & Visibility

LED landing and recognition lights offer enhanced visibility and strong illumination for night flying. Two large cabin doors allow for convenient entry and loading for student and instructor.

Aircraft Details

Company C172 trainers range from 150-180HP depending upon the model. This steadfast engine pairs economy with convenience, making it one of the most reliable piston engines ever built.

 Length  27 ft 2 in (8.28 m)
 Height  8 ft 11 in (2.72 m)
 Wingspan  36 ft 1 in (11.00 m)
 Wing Area  174 sq ft (16.17 sq m)
 Cabin Dimensions  48 in x 40 in x 3.61 m
 Maximum Occupants  4 Person
 Baggage Capacity  120 lb (30 cu ft)
 Manufacturer  Lycoming
 Power Output  180 hp (180 hp)
 Propeller Manufacturer  McCauley
 Maximum Cruise Speed  124 ktas (230 km/h)
 Maximum Range  640 nm (1,185 km)
 Takeoff Distance  1,630 ft (497 m)
 Ground Roll  960 ft (293 m)
 Landing Distance  1,335 ft (407 m)
 Ground Roll  575 ft (175 m)
 Service Ceiling  14,000 ft (4,267 m)
 Maximum Climb Rate  730 fpm (223 mpm)
 Maximum Limit Speed  163 kias (302 km/h)
 Stall Speed  48 kcas (89 km/h)
 Maximum Ramp Weight  2,558 lb (1,160 kg)
 Maximum Takeoff Weight  2,550 lb (1,157 kg)
 Maximum Landing Weight  2,550 lb (1,157 kg)
 Usable Fuel Weight  318 lb (144 kg)
 Usable Fuel Volume  53 gal (201 l)
 Basic Empty Weight  1,670 lb (757 kg)
 Useful Load  888 lb (403 kg)
 Maximum Payload  880 lb (399 kg)
 Full Fuel Payload  570 lb (259 kg)
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