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ONLY $395.00 – Includes all material needed to attend

If you are interested in learning how to fly the first step to obtaining your pilots certificate is going through a ground school class. Here you will learn the fundamentals of aircraft, principals of aerodynamics, aircraft systems, airspace, FAA regulations, flight instruments, weight and balance, aircraft performance, weather theory, forecasts, charts, navigation, and much more!

The class will be taught with the use of multiple training aids to include power point, videos, aircraft, and experiences of pilots and flight instructors. Once you complete this course you will be ready to take the FAA private pilot written exam. You may either start your flight training while attending these classes or chose to pursue your license after you have completed the private pilot ground school.

Don’t want to be a pilot but want to know about airplanes, what is involved in aviation, or just want to meet a great group of people? No problem! People with no intention of flying are welcome to take part in our ground school to increase their understanding of aviation. Highly recommended for spouses, significant others, parents, and anyone else with a desire to learn about aviation.

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If you are looking for a more personalized experience during your flight training, our Arizona ground school offers a variety of options for flying equipment. Using the proper equipment that makes you feel most comfortable is important to the flight training and ground school experience, and Classic Air Aviation is proud to provide a wide selection of high quality gear to help make the most out of your flight school program. Browse through our collection of superior flight training gear and all of the equipment we have to offer to find the right fit for you. Visit our Pilot Store today.

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As a private flight training center, Classic Air Aviation is committed to providing the most full-service experience so that you get the training you need to get into the air! With help from the most qualified, professional flight instructors, we can help you get all of the licenses, certifications, and flight time that’s required. We have a wide selection of training programs including military flight training, international flight school, fast track flight training, and much more. We also offer Arizona flight endorsements which allow pilots to maintain and develop their skills while expanding their experience level for versatility and advancement in the aircraft industry. To learn more about our Arizona private pilot lessons, contact Classic Air Aviation today.

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