Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

Aircraft: Cessna 172M $160 / hour 5 Hours $800
Flight Simulator $65 / hour 5 Hours $325
Instructor $75 / hour 10 Hours $750
Ground Instruction $75 / hour 5 Hours $375
Total $2,250

Written Test $150.00 and Examiner Fee $700.00 paid directly to testing facility and DPE

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Training In Arizona

As a pilot or a flight instructor in Arizona, knowing the instruments used in flying your plane is critical to navigating safely in both normal and adverse conditions. Carrying an instrument rating in your repertoire not only challenges your mental aptitude to do your job to the best of your ability, but is also a required piece of being a flight instructor. As a certified flight instructor, you will now be in demand to provide training for new and student pilots seeking certification and various endorsements. The instrument rating is an important endorsement and training for any pilot seeking to master the skill of instrumentation. With this type of instructor certification, you will also be qualified to administer instrument proficiency examinations. This certification is an add-on to your existing flight instructor certification.

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Certified Flight Instructor Programs

From Pilot Training to Certification

At Classic Air Aviation, you can find all the classes you need to be certified as a flight instructor. Our Arizona flight instructor programs are thorough, accredited, and highly-rated, and are continually being updated to reflect current regulations. Increase your professional repute, mental and physical capacity, and experience unrestricted commercial certification when you receive instrument rating at Classic Air Aviation. Sign up for the top-rated multi-engine rating program, start your certified flight instructor instrument training, and earn your CFI and become a certified flight instructor in Arizona with CAA.

Certified Flight Instructor In Mesa, AZ
Certified Flight Instructor

Become a certified flight instructor through our Arizona flight instruction classes at Classic Air Aviation.

CFI Instrument Flight Training Programs In Mesa, Arizona
CFI Instrument

After graduating from our CFI instrument course, you will be certified to fly a single-engine aircraft.

Multi-Engine Training Programs In Mesa, AZ
Multi-Engine Rating

Reach higher levels and enhance your professional repertoire with our CFII and MEI training courses.

Take A Tour Of Our Facilities

At Classic Air Aviation, we are proud to show you our pristine hangars, classrooms, and flight grounds at any time. Simply call our office to schedule a tour time! Whether you are interested in flight school, want to further your education, or simply have a child who is intrigued with aircraft, Classic Air Aviation is always welcoming to the public.

Arizona Flight Facility Video Tour | Classic Air Aviation

Leading Certified Flight Instrument Rating Courses In Arizona

CFII Privileges

If you are already a flight instructor and would like to teach pilots how to fly in instrument conditions, Classic Air Aviation offers the courses to help you achieve that goal. Not only will you be proficient in instrument rating for planes, but you will also be certified to teach helicopter instrument rating as well. Complete the online form below to learn more!

Endorse Instrument Rating Candidates

After completing our instrument rating courses as a flight instructor, you will have the authorization to certify that applicants have satisfactorily completed the ground training required for their pilot’s license. This demonstration of their competency will satisfy the requirement for any other aircraft that pilot is rated for.

Your ability to endorse candidates who have passed instrument rating courses will be a great asset to your proficiency and repertoire as a flight instructor.

Endorse Instrument Rating Candidates
Conduct Instrument Proficiency Checks For Instrument Rated Pilots
Conduct Instrument Proficiency Checks For Instrument Rated Pilots

An instrument proficiency check (IPC) is essentially a flight review for pilots who already hold a valid instrument rating, but have not recently flown using instrument procedures. It allows them to boost their training by challenging them to recall what they learned and keep their certification.

As a flight instructor, once you have completed this course at Classic Air Aviation, you will be able to ensure that pilots are capable of keeping their certifications.

Provide Training For Instrument Rating Candidates

When pilots want to challenge themselves to fly by instrument without any visual references, they take the instrument rating course and test. A flight instructor teaches the class, works individually with each student, and signs off when each student has successfully completed the certification.

At Classic Air Aviation, you have the opportunity to provide the training for these instrument rating candidates. You can challenge pilots to receive their CFI, CFII, and MEI, with the ability to fly multiple aircraft through instrument only weather. Contact Classic Air Aviation to learn more about this incredible teaching opportunity!

Personalize & Improve Your Flying Equipment

After Earning Your CFII

Earn Your Multi-Engine Rating

Other Flying Programs At Classic Air Aviation In Mesa, AZ

At Classic Air Aviation, not only do we provide extensive training and teaching opportunities for flight instructors, but we also offer a variety of other flying programs. Whether you are seeing your private pilot’s license, instrument rating certification, or your commercial pilot license, we are an excellent resource for you.

Private Pilots Certificate
Private Pilots Certificate

If you are looking to fly for pleasure with passengers at your side and at your own convenience, enlist in our private pilots license program at Classic Air Aviation. Get your private pilots certificate through our extensive courses and flight practice.

Instrument Rating
Instrument Rating

Mastering the instruments in any aircraft is critical to becoming an exemplary pilot. Become an expert in navigating through adverse weather conditions utilizing only your instruments with our instrument rating course. Get your instrument rating certificate with help from the Arizona flight instructors at Classic Air Aviation.

Commercial Pilots Certificate
Commercial Pilots Certificate

Get your commercial pilots license when you enroll at our Arizona flight school. Classic Air Aviation offers all the training and certifications you need to receive your commercial pilots certificate. Learn all of the requirements and certifications necessary to get started today.



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