Keeping You Safe During A Pilot Training

Safety is a crucial portion of pilot training, both for pilots and their passengers. At Gilbert flight training, safety is the primary focus of all classes, simulations, and time in aircraft. Each year, hundreds of thousands of flights across the United States end with a good landing and an overall safe flight, but pilots must continue to work on safety measures throughout their education and careers to promote the best possible outcomes of their time in the air.

Pilot Training

How Is Safety Encouraged At An FAA Approved Flight School?

Classic Air Aviation maintains a fleet of aircraft that are built with proven, reputable safety systems. These include Cessna 172 and Cessna 172S, two small aircraft that are among the most popular training airplanes in the world and especially known for their impressive safety statistics. Our pilots work diligently to ensure that our entire fleet is carefully maintained to the highest safety standards for our students, instructors, pilots, and passengers. We don’t take shortcuts! Thorough documentation and careful record-keeping is crucial at your Gilbert commercial pilot school.

Procedures To Reduce Pilot Error In Gilbert Flying Lessons

In order to teach at our school, our certified flight instructors must have achieved the highest levels of training. Our instructors must also receive ongoing training per FAA regulations, which direct every aspect of our instructional programs, including both Gilbert ground school and in-flight training programs.

FAA guidelines and highly experienced instructors help our students develop all of the knowledge, expertise, and mindset that are necessary for safe flying practices. In our classes, we extensively discuss weather monitoring, mandate pre-flight checklists, and provide extensive emergency simulations. Safety is first in every lesson.

How Can Students Prepare For Emergencies?

Every type of maneuver, along with extensive emergency situations, are practiced in our flight simulator. Our state of the art simulators provide realistic practice for the decisions and complications that pilots may face while flying so that they are fully prepared for every worst-case scenario or emergency that may arise – all from the safety of the ground. Flight simulators are the gold standard of flight training, and with good reason.

How Do Flight Instructors Teach Safety?

Gilbert flight instructors know that safety is always the number one priority, and impress that frequently upon their students. A quality flight training program will prepare student pilots for every type of emergency situation, while providing the tools, training, and mindset that they will need in order to fly safely in any conditions. The certified flight instructors at our FAA approved flight training school are held to the highest standards as they prepare students to safely and calmly handle any challenges that come their way as pilots.

Students are required to master safety and emergency checklists to promote the safest flying procedures. The emergency procedure “Aviate, Navigate, Communicate” is at the heart of all of our instruction.

  • Aviate: Keeping the plane flying safely, or preparing for an emergency landing according to procedures.
  • Navigate: Once the plane is under control, pilots must verify that they are on the safest course, being mindful of airspace, other planes, electrical lines, tall buildings, and other potential complications.
  • Communicate: As soon as possible, pilots are trained to communicate their emergency situation to ATC for additional guidance and assistance. Redundancy is imperative, and a transponder can be used when the radio has stopped working.

Do Pilots Continue Safety Training After Certification?

The FAA has established regulatory standards that require all certified pilots to routinely attend safety training. Whether a pilot flies as a hobby or for their career, safety continues to be the top priority.

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