Why Should You Consider Becoming A CFI

Are you looking for an exciting career that involves aviation? Maybe the right path for you is to become a certified flight instructor (CFI). Teaching others how to fly airplanes can be an extremely rewarding experience that turns your love for flying into a sustainable career.

As a certified flight instructor, you can get paid to teach aviation students how to fly different types of aircraft safely and proficiently. Your students will range from hobbyists seeking their private pilot licensure to budding pilots who hope to become professional commercial pilots. In the process, you’ll become an experienced master pilot too!

If you are wondering how to become a certified flight instructor for an Arizona aviation school, take a look at the requirements you’ll need to attain and what you can expect from a career as a CFI.

Becoming A CFI

What Is A Certified Flight Instructor?

Abbreviated CFI, a certified flight instructor is someone who teaches others how to fly single-engine aircraft. Once you’ve become a CFI, you can take additional training to become a CFI-I, which means certified flight instructor-instrument, and gives you the ability to teach instrument flying as well. Other CFIs pursue a certificate in multi-engine instruction (MEI), which is the highest flight instructor certification you can achieve and enables you to teach students how to fly larger, more complex types of aircraft.

Many pilots decide to become certified flying instructors in order to earn money and experience in the aviation world while they build flight time for their ultimate career goal of working for an airline. For other pilots, becoming a certified flying instructor and teaching Arizona flying lessons to new pilots is a fun, exciting way to combine their love of aviation with their teaching skills while getting paid to do what they love! Whether you want to be a certified flight instructor for a short period of time or as a lifelong career, you’ll find it to be a job worth your time.

What Are The Requirements To Become a CFI?

Your first step will be to attend Arizona flight school and obtain a commercial pilot license (CPL). To accomplish this, you’ll need to take specific coursework and take at least 250 hours of flight time that meets certain requirements.

Other requirements include:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Holding a CPL, airline transport pilot license (ATP), single engine land certificate (ASEL) or a multi engine land rating (AMEL)
  • Holding an instrument rating (IR)
  • Holding a valid FAA third-class medical certificate, at minimum
  • Receiving a logbook endorsement from a current authorized flight instructor
  • Passing a knowledge test on specific aeronautical knowledge fields

You’ll need to apply to the FAA and successfully complete two exams, the FAA Certified Flight Instructor Knowledge Exam and the Fundamental of Instruction Exam.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming a CFI?

Certified flight instructors at an Arizona ground school enjoy many exciting career benefits.

Good Income Potential

Becoming a CFI can be a lucrative career. The more ratings, certifications, and training you hold, the more earning potential you have. CFIs can make a successful career doing what they love.

Build Flying Hours For Other Pursuits

Many pilots become CFIs so that they can build up flying hours for another goal or to expand their experience. Advanced certifications, such as ATP licensure, requires many hours in the cockpit. In many cases, your hours of instruction to new pilots counts toward flying hours for other certifications or pursuits. Plus, you’ll get all the benefits of learning to fly a plane even more expertly and proficiently as you expand your experience.

Programs Are Flexible

Many CFIs enjoy the training process because there are no specific time requirements. How long it takes you to graduate is up to you. You can become a CFI in weeks or months, depending on your preferences and learning style.

Rewarding & Exciting Career Opportunities

Being a CFI is an exciting and challenging career. As you train new pilots, each day brings unique opportunities for you to develop your skills, enjoy time in the air, and solve problems. You simply can’t beat doing what you love to earn a living! With the right Arizona aviation courses, you’ll love the process of becoming a CFI while looking forward to a bright and exciting career of teaching others how to fly.

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