Easy Tips To Prepare For Flight School & Become a Pilot

If you’re thinking about training to be a pilot, you’re probably excited to get started! While you wait for your appointment with your instructor or the first day of flight school, there are several things you can do to start developing an aviator mindset. Working through any of these preparations will boost your skills as you work toward your pilot license. 

Easy Tips To Prepare For Training Pilots In Arizona

Complete Ground School

Ground school refers to the coursework and textbook sessions of learning to become a pilot. Each flight school will have its own track; some teach ground school concurrently with in-cockpit training, while others require the students to take their classroom courses before getting into a real plane. Ask for a copy of the syllabus that your Gilbert ground school will be following so you can begin the material before the first class begins. 

Regardless of how your flight school approaches the timing of ground school and flight school, it’s always a good idea to learn as much as you can about the basics of aerodynamics, FAA regulations, navigation, and how airplanes work. Continuing to further your own education independently will help you to become a safe and skillful pilot.

Many students wonder how the knowledge of working with one airplane will transfer to piloting another plane, but your instructor will probably tell you it’s just one of the challenges of Gilbert flight school. Your instructors will teach you about basic aerodynamics as well as how to fly a specific aircraft, often a Cessna. But if you are already familiar with the basics of aviation by the time you begin your formal training, you’ll have more skills that transfer from one aircraft to another, and will be better able to ask your instructor more detailed and advanced questions to expand your knowledge. 

Learn How To Watch The Weather

Whether you are planning to become a pilot as a hobby or as a career, you’ll need to understand how to watch the weather and understand weather forecast information. You will learn a lot about the atmosphere and weather patterns in your Gilbert aviation courses, but studying the basics of the weather will give you deeper knowledge and a head start on your coursework. 

Any recently published weather textbook will be able to provide basic information about how storms develop, types of cloud formations and what they mean, and how the layers of the atmosphere affect each other. You may even be able to find a free meteorology course online or an inexpensive course at a local community college for more in-depth education.

It’s also beneficial to watch weather forecasts. Instead of simply listening to temperature predictions, listen to what is being said about developing systems so you gain an understanding of how systems actually affect the weather. The National Weather Service provides detailed forecasts that provide excellent information as well. Understanding how to watch the sky is a crucial element of safe piloting, especially when traveling over longer distances.

Get Your Documents & Medical Information In Order

You can enroll in Gilbert ground school without enrolling in flight school. But before you get into the cockpit, you’ll need to have some documentation available, including proof of citizenship. Your driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, or social security card will be needed for your instructor to document your endorsement. You can expedite your onboarding into flight school by having your paperwork and documentation in order before school begins.

If you are not an American citizen, contact your Gilbert commercial pilot school to learn more about what documentation will be required for you to take flight instruction courses, called the Alien Flight Student Program. Waiting too long to begin this process can cause delays in your flight training, so get started right away.

Although your flight instructor will act as the pilot in command during your lessons, you will need to provide your own medical clearance in order to complete your private certificate. If you want to fly solo, the FAA will require you to present a third-class medical clearance as a student.

Learn Basic Pilot Communication

Some pilots never fully understand ATC and radio etiquette. To avoid developing bad habits, become familiar with basic pilot communication phraseology early in your training. Learn what to say and when to say it so that the rest of your education goes more smoothly. Study the Aeronautical Information Manual and listen to Live ATC to understand how the language actually works between pilots and air traffic controllers. With practice, you’ll be able to hear which pilots are using communication procedures correctly and which ones are more sloppy.

With these tips under your belt, you’ll be set to excel on your adventures in Gilbert aviation school!

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