Maximum Range

415 nm

Max Cruise

128 ktas



Useful Load

546 lbs

Takeoff Roll

750 ft

Maximum Comfort & Durability

As a modern, reliable aircraft, the Piper Archer is ideal for Arizona flight training, and the perfect gateway to launching a pilot’s flight career. This aircraft has lasted through decades, and is both modern and stylish.


The Piper Archer offers numerous options and upgrades, ready to fit the needs of every pilot and their passengers.

Unremarkable Handling Characteristics

The Piper Archer is known as a tame, docile aircraft that consistently lands well. As a slow and steady flier, the Archer handles crosswinds with minimum fuss and is a breeze for new and experienced pilots alike.

Aircraft Features

As a steady aircraft for both quick trips and cross-country flights, the Piper Archer is reliable, gentle, and easy to fly. It can easily be landed on short runways, and offers a comfortable interior for all four occupants. The Archer boasts simple controls, dual fuel tanks, an autopilot, and plenty of elbow and legroom for passengers. It is no wonder this beautiful aircraft is an ideal Arizona aviation school training machine.

50 Gallons

Four Cylinders

Empty Weight: 1,404 lbs

Advanced Garmin 430

Aircraft Details

With a strong engine, advanced avionics, and a stylish interior, the Piper Archer is an elegant and comfortable ride for students, teachers, and passengers alike. Whether you are continuing your flight journey or need a cross-country aircraft, the Archer is for you.

 Model  Lyc. O-360-A4A
 No. Cylinders  4
 Displacement  361 cu. in.
 Horsepower  180 HP
 Carbureted Or Fuel Injected  Carbureted
 Maximum Occupants  4 Person
 Fixed Pitch/ Constant Speed Propeller  Fixed Pitch
 Manufacturer  Lycoming
 Do Not Exceed Speed  148 KIAS 
 Max. Structural Cruising Speed  121 KIAS 
 Stall Speed Clean  59 KIAS 
 Stall Speed Landing Configuration  53 KIAS 
 Climb Best Rate  725 FPM 
 Wing Loading  14.4 lbs./sq. ft.
 Power Loading  13.6 lbs./hp
 Service Ceiling  14,150 ft.
 Takeoff/Landing Weight Normal Category 2,450 lbs
 Takeoff/Landing Weight Utility Category 1,950 lbs
 Standard Empty Weight 1,404 lbs
 Fuel Capacity  50 gal
 Min. Octane Fuel  100
 Baggage Capacity  200 lbs
 Oil Capacity  8 quarts
 Maximum Payload  559 lbs
 Max. Useful Load Utility Category  546 lbs

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