Are you ready to be a CFI? Sharing the joy of flying with others is incredibly rewarding. The CFI check ride is likely the hardest you will ever take, because the FAA sets very high standards for those entrusted with teaching new students. Our initial CFI course is very thorough and will set you up for success on your check ride.

This course is intended for commercial airplane single engine land pilots. If your commercial rating is in another airplane class please call us for a price.

The course includes up to 5 hours of ground school and 4 to 6 hours of self study each night. Areas of study include: fundamentals of instructing, technical subject areas, preflight preparation, ground operations, airport operations, takeoffs and climbs, fundamentals of flight, stalls, spins, maneuvering during slow flight, basic instrument maneuvers, performance maneuvers, ground reference maneuvers, emergency operations, approaches and landings, and after-landing procedures.


This course teaches you to fly using scenario based training, with an emphasis on single pilot resource management. It includes up to 50 hours of flight time, up to 40 of which will be with your instructor in the aircraft and up to 20 hours of ground school, pre- and post briefings, and class room sessions.


Valid FAA medical
Flight Instructor Airplane (FIA) and Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) written knowledge tests
Commercial pilot license with instrument rating


Aircraft: Cessna 172, Cessna 172 RG (retractable gear), and Mooney M20B
Length: 10-14 days
Price: Contact Us to Learn More


Birth Certificate or Passport
FAA Medical Certificate
Pilot’s License
Written Test Results


It is impossible to guarantee that you will finish the training in the time provided. Much of the success for a fast track program lies with the student. Continuing training is available at a reduced rate for fast track students on a per hour basis, if required. FAA DE examiner Fee is not included for final check ride.

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