Career program pricing

Aircraft: Piper Seminole $375 / hour 15 Hours $5,625
Instructor $75 / hour 15 Hours $1,125
Ground $75 / hour 10 Hours $750
TOTAL $7,500

Examiner Fee $700.00 paid directly to DPE

Become A Multi-Engine Pilot

A multi engine rating can greatly expand your options when flying cross country, or when purchasing an airplane for business travel. It is also an important step if you aspire to become a professional pilot. In general, multi engine airplanes are larger, faster, and more capable when flying in instrument flight conditions because of their redundant systems. However, they are also challenging. The redundant systems add complexity, and aerodynamic characteristics unique to operating with one engine inoperative require new skills in order to handle emergency conditions safely. Contact Classic Air Aviation today to get started.

Multi Engine Rating Requirements At Classic Air Aviation

  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Pilot must have a current FAA medical.

  • Pilot must provide proof of citizenship (Passport or Birth Certificate) or TSA approval.

  • Pilot must already be a single engine private pilot.

  • Pilot License should be current (Not required, however additional hours may be required if the pilot is not current)

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Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

If you are someone who enjoys flying and helping others, getting your Flight Instructor Certification is a step in the right direction. Earn your CFI and become a certified flight instructor in Arizona with CAA.

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Multi-Engine Rating (MEI)

Multi Engine rating is a big step into becoming a professional pilot and opens the door to many job opportunities. Sign up for the top-rated multi-engine rating program in Arizona.

Earn Your Flight Instructor Instrument Rating (CFII)
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Private Pilot Certificate

Getting your private private certificate can be very freeing, and with it you can fly anywhere. Whether with your loved ones or alone, you can hop into a plane or helicopter and travel the country!

Instrument Rating

An instrument rating represents your professional ability to function and control an air vessel, including both helicopter and a single engine plane. The test can be difficult and will push your skills even if there is no physical visibility.

Commercial Pilots Certificate

Once you have completed training and honed your skills, a Commercial Pilot’s Certificate is the next step. Achieving that milestone allows you to gain money from your skills and it ushers in many job opportunities.

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