Maximum Range

415 nm

Max Cruise

111 KIAS


2 Person

Useful Load

589 lbs

Takeoff Roll

750 ft

Affordable Keys To The Sky

As a basic, reliable aircraft, the Cessna 150 is one of the several planes we have available at the academy for private or professional use. Our Cessnas are fully maintained with our in-house staff and in excellent condition to fly.


Equipped with dual controls for easy Arizona pilot training, the Cessna 150 has user-friendly controls for student and teacher alike.

Ease Of Handling

The Cessna 150 is well-known for its docility and easy control. As an airplane well-suited for Arizona flight training along with light, local travel, it is an excellent aircraft choice for even the most inexperienced pilot.

Aircraft Features

There is a reason the Cessna 150 is so popular in our Arizona aviation school for those seeking their Arizona private pilot license. As a single engine airplane equipped with tricycle landing gear, the Cessna 150 boasts two seats, a baggage capacity of 80 pounds, a steerable nose wheel, four-point harnesses for both occupants, and dual overhead skylights for upward visibility, among other features.

Total Fuel

22.5 Gallons


4 Cyl

Empty Weight

1,081 lbs

Climb Best Rate

715 FPM

Aircraft Details

Whether you are in Arizona flight school or carry years of flying experience, the Cessna 150 is unmatched in its classic beauty, simple details, and beginner appeal. Call CAA to visit with a flight instructor!

 Length  23 ft 11 in
 Height  8 ft 6 in
 Wingspan  33 ft 2 in
 Wing Area  160 sq ft
 Cabin Dimensions  48 in x 40 in x 11.84 ft
 Maximum Occupants  2 Person
 Baggage Capacity  80 lbs
 Manufacturer  Cessna
 Power Output  100 hp (74.5 kW)
 Propeller Manufacturer  Continental
 Maximum Cruise Speed 104 Kcas
 Maximum Range  420 nm
 Takeoff Distance  1,385 ft
 Ground Roll  725 ft
 Landing Distance  1,200 ft
 Ground Roll  1,075 ft
 Service Ceiling  14,000 ft
 Maximum Climb Rate  670 Fpm
 Maximum Limit Speed  136 Kcas
 Stall Speed  42 Kcas
 Maximum Ramp Weight  1675 lbs
 Maximum Takeoff Weight  1,600 lb
 Maximum Landing Weight  1,600 lb
 Usable Fuel Weight  216 lb
 Usable Fuel Volume  26 gal
 Basic Empty Weight  1,122 lb

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