Maximum Range

395 nm

Max Cruise

122 kts


2 Person

Useful Load

665 lbs

Rate of Climb

680 fpm

Designed for general
utility purposes

The airplane is certified in the utility category. The airplane is not designed for purely acrobatic flight. However, certain maneuvers are permitted as per the aircraft’s P.O.H. The airplane is approved for day and night VFR/IFR operations when equipped in accordance with F.A.R. 91.


The aircraft is powered by a four-cylinder, horizontally opposed, normally aspirated, direct drive, air-cooled, carburetor equipped engine. The engine is a Continental Model C-90 and is rated at 85 hp.

There are 12 gallon tanks in each wing with direct reading gas gauges in the cabin at the wing root. The fuel is gravity feed to the fuel selector valve. The fuel selector valve can provide fuel flow from either tank, a shut-off for both tanks, and can be set to provide fuel flow for both tanks simultaneously.

Light & Resistant

The Cessna 120 is a metal fuselage with fabric wings, two place, high wing, single engine airplane equipped with conventional landing gear and designed for general utility purposes.

Arizona private pilot training program

Standard Empty Weight

785 lbs

Cirrus SR22 transition private pilot certificates in Arizona


Powered by four cylinder 

Local Private Pilot Lessons in Arizona

Engine Mfg


Service Ceiling

15.500 ft

Aircraft Details

Pilots who have an eye for form and function will probably agree that the Cessna 120 and its sibling, the 140, are airplanes that have eye appeal. The rounded rudder, conventional landing gear, and overall proportions create the classic lightplane look.

 Length 21 ft 6 in
 Height 6 ft 3 in
 Wingspan 33 ft 4 in
 Maximum Occupants 2 Person
 Baggage Capacity 80 lbs.
 ManufacturerCessna | A Textron Company
 Maximum Cruise Speed 122 kts
 Maximum Range 395 nm
 Takeoff Ground Roll 650 ft
 Landing Ground Roll 460 ft
 Service Ceiling 15,500 ft
 Maximum Climb Rate 640 fpm
 Stall Speed32 Knots
 Maximum Takeoff Weight 1,450 lbs
 Maximum Landing Weight 1,450 lbs
 Usable Fuel Weight 732 lbs
 Usable Fuel Volume 25 gal
 Basic Empty Weight 785 lbs
 Useful Load 665 lbs
 Full Fuel PayLoad 410 lbs

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