Most students start a private pilots license and it ends up taking 6 months to a year! Come to Classic Air Aviation and earn your private pilots license in only 21 days with our Arizona flight school! Earning a private pilot license lets you fly for pleasure, day or night, with passengers. It is the first step toward earning more advanced ratings, or can be an end to itself. A private pilot license allows you to travel with friends and family to destinations that are too far for driving. Flying yourself means that you can set your own schedule and skip crowded airports and security lines.

This license is also useful for flying to meet business associates without worrying about airline ticket change fees and standing for hours in the TSA line at the busy airports. Learning to fly can be a very enjoyable and rewarding endeavor. Call Classic Air Aviation today and join the few that fly in the aviation world known as General Aviation with our Mesa aviation school.


This course teaches you to fly using scenario based training, with an emphasis on single pilot resource management. It includes up to 50 hours of flight time, up to 40 of which will be with your instructor in the aircraft and up to 20 hours of ground school, pre- and post briefings, and class room sessions.


Valid FAA medical certificate (which is also your student license)
Written Test Results will expedite process!


Aircraft: Cessna 172 or equivalent
Length: 30-45 days
Price: Contact Us to Learn More


Birth Certificate or Passport
FAA Medical Certificate

What else is included?

  • Classic Air Aviation Custom Pilot Kit:
  • Practical Test Standards Book
  • Oral Exam Guide
  • VFR Charts
  • Kneeboard
  • Aircraft Checklist
  • Fuel Tester
  • Flight Bag
  • Written Test Prep
  • Log Book
  • E6B & Plotter
  • Aviation Weather Book
  • FAR / AIM
  • PHAK + Airplane Flying Handbook
  • PPL Syllabus

What about ground instruction?

The average student typically takes around 20 hours of one on one ground instruction with a flight instructor. This includes time for pre- and post-briefings as well as ground instruction in preparation for the written test and practical test portion. Keep in mind that significant self study will be required to finish the private pilots license within the allotted time frame.


It is impossible to guarantee that you will finish the training in the time provided. Much of the success for a fast track program lies with the student. Continuing training is available at a reduced rate for fast track students on a per hour basis, if required. FAA DE examiner Fee is not included for final check ride.

Are You a Destination Pilot?

See the amenities Classic Air Aviation has to offer out-of-state and international fast track program flight training students.

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