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What are some of the taildragger advantages?

Due to its smaller size the tailwheel has less parasite drag than a nosewheel, allowing the conventional geared aircraft to cruise at a higher speed on the same power. Tailwheels are typically less expensive to buy and maintain than a nosewheel. If a tailwheel fails on landing, the damage to the aircraft will be minimal compared to nose-wheel aircraft. This is not the case in the event of a nosewheel failure, which usually results in propeller damage. Tailwheel aircraft are easier to man-handle on the ground and, due to their lower tail, they will fit into some hangars more easily.

Due to the increased propeller clearance on tailwheel aircraft less stone chip damage will result from operating a conventional geared aircraft on rough or gravel airstrips. Because of the way airframe loads are distributed while operating on rough ground, tailwheel aircraft are better able to sustain this type of use over a long period of time, without cumulative airframe damage occurring.

Then there is the fact that taildraggers are just FUN TO FLY!

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  • $115 / hour
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  • $78 / hour
  • 10 Hours


  • $78 / hour
  • 3 Hours



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