Valid FAA medical certificate
Private Pilots License w/instrument rating
240 Hours Total Time
50 Hours in Airplanes
50 Hours Cross Country
5 Hours Complex Aircraft
Pass Commercial Written Test
Commercial Cross Country Requirements (Solo & Dual)
Time Building Options are Available to meet Prerequisites


Aircraft: Cessna 172
Length: 3 – 5 days
Price: Contact Us to Learn More


Birth Certificate or Passport
FAA Medical Certificate
Private Pilot License

If time building is needed after instrument rating is complete, this program is not possible to complete in the standard three to five day period. Time building will add approximately three months to receiving a commercial pilot license.

Many commercial flight students opt to go off and build their time in-between receiving their instrument rating and commercial licenses. As a result, our airline career pilot program can take more or less time to complete depending on student hour fulfillment choices.

What else is included?

  • Fast Track flights include all fuel required

What about ground instruction?

5 Hours of ground instruction is included – includes time for pre-, post-briefings as well as ground instruction in preparation for the written test portion.


It is impossible to guarantee that you will finish the training in the time provided. Much of the success for a fast track program lies with the student. Continuing training is available at a reduced rate for fast track students on a per hour basis, if required. FAA DE examiner Fee is not included for final check ride.

Are You a Destination Pilot?

See the amenities Classic Air Aviation has to offer out-of-state and international fast track program flight training students.

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