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Arizona Complex Endorsement

Complex Aircraft Training With Classic Air Aviation

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About the Complex Endorsement

Classic Air Aviation can provide you with the flight training required to receive your complex endorsement and take your flying to the next level. The benefits to a complex endorsement is that pilots can now fly and operate aircraft with retractable landing gear and controllable pitch propellers which are typically larger and faster aircraft. The endorsement ads significant skill and experience to your flying background covering landing gear, flap, and prop governor systems and learning how to fly aircraft that are more complex.

A complex airplane is defined by the United States Federal Aviation Administration as an aircraft that has all of the following:

  • A retractable landing gear (land aircraft only; a seaplane is not required to have this)
  • A controllable pitch propeller(which includes constant speed propellers)
  • Movable or adjustable flaps.
Complex flight endorsements for pilots in Arizona
Cost / HourEstimated HoursTotal Cost
Piper Arrow$140.002$280.00
Approximately$425.00 per hour6 Hours$490.00

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